Cubasis Interapp Effects

Inter app Audio works as midi instruments but nothing shows up when I go to effects.

I have the Ipad air (I transferred data from my previous ipad to the ipad air via backup).

When I try to copy the files to my computer manually so I could try to reinstall it, it says something like “duplicate file”, cannot transfer files, and it doesn’t continue.

Any suggestions?

Hi GoldenElf,

You need apps that are supported as effects. Not all Inter-Audio apps work as effects. Some work as hosts (e.g.Cubasis), some as Instrumentes (e.g. Nanologue) and some as effects (e.g. Amplitube).

I’ve made a thread compiling a list of Instruments and FX that show up in Cubasis (specifically). You can check out what people have confirmed so far here

It’s not necessarily exhaustive but should get you up and running.