Cubasis, interapp mixdown issues

Hi, I used beathawk to play a bass line via cubasis inter-app. It sounds perfect in play back mode. When I mixdown the single track or freeze it, it sounds very distorted. I researched it as best I could but I did not find any answer that would help. I change my bitrate to 256 as suggested in a post on here with someone who had the same problem in 2014 but that has not change my situation. So, I would like to mix the solo bass track down in order to place in an audio track and use the interapp again with a different virtual instrument. My set up is pretty simple, I think. I’m using the irigpro keys as my controller. I’m using iPad Air , the newly updated cubasis 2 and the beat hawk app… ( I even tried with a different app I had the same issues) What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much in advance for your help.

Hi Aquarius165,

Thanks for your message.
I’ve sent a note to UVI to exchange about the issue.

As an addition, the available IAA options in Cubasis are demonstrated in this tutorial:


Thank u so much… I appreciate the aid.