Cubasis InterAudio Apps Stop responding after iPad sleep

When connecting inter-audio instruments such as Sunriser the audio interface works great. However if you then leave the ipad for a length of time closed(or in power-save mode) when returning to cubasis the interapp connection seems to be broken, resulting in no audio connection. If you swap to sunriser and play on the keyboard it works, but swapping back to cubasis does not trigger any audio, and there is no way to ‘reconnect’.

The only way i have found to re-establish a connection is to force-quit cubasis, and the interaudio app. then relaunch the interaudio app, close down again. then launch cubasis and attempt to connect again.

sometimes you can ‘kill’ the interaudio app, and get cubasis to chose another interaudio app instrument quickly, and then revert back to the original one - but this gives varying results.

I often have a number of inter-audio apps running connected to cubasis on different tracks, which works great when doing the composition, but just stops after leaving the ipad for a few hours. It doesn’t seem to matter which interaudio app i choose, all seem to give the same ‘disconnection’ problem after a period of time.

Hi J7j7,

Since this behaviour is caused by IAA there is nothing we can do against it (and we expect it to be the same with every other IAA host). The only workaround is to close Cubasis and associated IAA apps before the device goes to sleep mode.