Cubasis iOS UNDO crash

Hi there, I’m a long-time Cubase user, recently picked up Cubasis for iOS.

Absolutely love it, it’s wonderful.

Sadly, I just lost a whole project through punching the UNDO button on a simple change.

Everything gone, no way I could see to get it back.

My friend SmiteMatter, who’s fairly well respected on the iOS music scene has just had the same thing happen to him, too.

There’s no way I can trust this app to make music now, until this is addressed.

At the price-tag, I would expect some robust crash-recovery / project-backup options.

I’m hugely disappointed by this and I know I’m not the only one for whom this has happened.

I’m running on an iPad mini currently. Everything had been quite blissful until this happened.

I’d really like some information about how this is going to be resolved, otherwise I feel as though I’ve lost a bunch of money on a very highly-priced iOS app.

Thanks for your time, any and all information greatly appreciated.

I am in exactly the same boat. Been using Cubase since the VST days so when I saw this app I jumped at it.

When the app works it’s ideal, a genuine quality MAW. Unfortunately it has a tendency, as the OP says, of wiping out large chunks of work when hitting undo.

To be frank, this is simply not good enough. I would perhaps be more understanding if this behaviour was exhibited by an app from a new/small developer with limited budget and/or resource and/or experience but come on, you guys are Steinberg and this is Cubase. The very LEAST I would expect of an app from an established developer at this price mark is stability. The very least.

This really does need fixing very soon. I know the update cycle is roughly a monthly one and we should be expecting an update end of May but, for me, this issue should be treated as a huge priority; a fix should be dropped before the regular update. Failing that, as the OP said, some very clear information about what is being done to resolve the issue and when it will be fixed is a must.

To the OP

Did you know that audio can be recovered by fishing it out of the trash? I only ask as this was a recent discovery for me and has helped a little.

I have not found a similar workaround for MIDI and the overall arrangement is still lost (don’t get me started on snapshots) but you may be able to recover some of your work


could you check whether the filenames of your audio or your project contained any umlauts? We identified them as one cause of the issues.

Kind regards,

No umlauts here! (English native, no black-metal naming conventions employed, just your regular A-Z chars).

DuppyMan: Thanks for the tip, it won’t rescue everything but if it works, it might be a small help!

Same again here, no umlauts on file names. In fact, no umlauts anywhere.

DeathBoy: No worries, glad I could help. Even if it’s just a little bit. :slight_smile:

This problem still exists as of May 21, 2016. Was a very happy user since release until today.

I just lost tons of MIDI data and I am very sad now :frowning:

Is the cbp file completely corrupt now? If I try to import it to the desktop, will I get anything back, or am I simply screwed and must go to Auria now?

Hi jaybot7,

Thanks for your message.

In order to support you, please let us have more details about your project and the steps that have caused the issue.
What happens if you re-load the project?