Cubasis + iPad Air + Novation question..

I’m about to get Cubasis and a controller keyboard (looking at a Novation LaunchKey 49)
Can anyone tell me just how much of Cubasis will work from an external keyboard controller?
Can I at least use the external keyboard rather than the small on-screen ones, which I find really hard to use.

Are there and more compatible controllers for Cubasis, just in case the Novation is not compatible!

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to be sure before I buy the app!


thanks for your interest in Cubasis! In general of course any MIDI keyboard would work through a compatible audio interface and MIDI IN input. As for direct USB connections, the Launchkey 49 is listed as USB class-compliant, so in general it should be supported. If found this other topic somebody using a keyboard from this series, but most of the external controllers transport functions are not supported:

Please feel free to ask more questions…