Cubasis is not Cubase!

Ofcourse there will be a Cubase for Ipad.
If theres Cubasis there Will of course be Cubase.
Thats how it allways has been.
Would be interesting to know when Steinberg are planning to release it.
Cubasis for Ipad is a dream come true. I love it.
Just dreaming of Cubase for Ipad with automation,good eq’s and compression per track.
Track freezing,mastering fx,vst plug-ins,pro-fx etc.
Question is of course: Are contemporary Ipads up to it?
Or will we have to wait for more powerful Ipads before we see this happening?

Cubasis on the iPad is a joy to use, but then Cubase always has had the best user interface out of all the DAWs in my opinion. I think Steinberg have done a great job in what they have done with Cubasis and have shown that it can work on a touch screen.

I think iPADS and the latest tablets are still some way off in terms of raw horsepower for a full blown DAW. Take Auria for example. Great app with loads of features and probably the closest we’ve seen to a pro spec DAW on the iPAD. However, it really doesn’t take much to max it out and thats on an iPAD 3. Auria doesn’t even have MIDI yet and if they are to include instruments once they implement MIDI, then it doesn’t stand a chance with current hardware spec of the iPAD.

As it stands, I’m more than happy with what Cubasis is giving me. I see it more of a portable song writing tool enabling me to be creative anywhere any time. I’ve got a more powerful PC for the heavy production stuff. But my priorties maybe different than others. I see myself as musician first, producer second.