Cubasis : is there a "dissolve parts" function

I’m a new Cubasis user, i have read the manual , search in the forum.

I have record arpeggios from a motif Xf performance, i can send arpeggios data to separate midi channels.
I have record them in one cubasis track but cannot find a dissolve part function.

Is there a “dissolve parts” function in Cubasis 1.9.8 ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi moessieurs,

“dissolve parts” is not available with Cubasis.


If you setup individual MIDI tracks first, you can then use Routing to set each track to receive on a specific channel. Enable record on all tracks, and away you go.

i am doing this to record drums onto individual tracks using Alesis Trigger IO and it works fine. :smiley:

Thank you for your answers, i will try to record on 4 tracks for the Motif XF performances :wink: