Cubasis Issue with Studio EQ UI freezing

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1. Summary/Title
Cubasis Issue with Studio EQ UI freezing

2. Description
sporadically after some changes the studio eq effect UI freezes, no change to the eq curve is afterwards possible, sound doesn’t change, too.
Experienced it already 4-5 times when moving one of the 4 “circle” controls around, that the eq UI freezes.
Going back to the iPad home screen and switching to cubasis again solved the freezed ui, close/reopen of the effect window does not help.

3. Expected Results
no ui freeze, unusable controls

4. Actual Results
sporadic freezing

5. Environment
iPad 7th gen, Cubasis v3.3.1 , LE with full feature set

Hi @111378,

Thanks for your message and report.

Are you able to provide us with a short clip, that visualizes the problem?
Do you have an exact pattern to share, when this issue appears?


as written, it is not always, but no special thing either. It was sufficient to move around the EQ touch controls several seconds, then it happened that the eq curve view freezes and the studioeq does not react to any touch interaction any more until closing the app.

Hi @111378,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately we have not seen the Studio EQ freeze issue so far.
There is a good chance to see it fixed, if our engineers can reproduce it.

Here, it would be of great help if you could share the requested additional information.

Thanks in advance
& stay safe,

sporadic means, that i have unfortunately no deterministic repro steps. Maybe it depends on a specific system or AU processing load, i can only speculate. The other effects were still usable when it happened, though.