Cubasis keeps crashing!

Every time I get to bar 14 of my project, right when the main drums come in, Cubasis takes a nosedive. This is frustrating the hell outta me.

I’m on an iPad 2, 64gb, bought in December 2011, running the latest iOS 7 (forgot the version number, but it’s the latest), running the latest version of Cubasis, using 100% audio samples with some send reverb effects. The MIDI data lanes are all on mute. I’m going to restart my iPad to see if that solves it. If not, I’ll confirm this problem.

Nope, it’s still crashing. It seems like Cubasis can’t handle looped audio that begins on the second bar of the bounced audio (since I created the drum patterns with a bar before and a bar after). I noticed Cubasis loves to make pops and clicks when I begin playback on bar 14. There are only three loops that begin there. When I start playback in Cubasis right from bar 1, it crashes on bar 14. :confused: This sucks. I don’t know what to do.

regarding"pops and clicks":you can try to increase the latency to 512 by starting audiobus first and set the latency there.Start cubasis then (not in audiobus if you don’t want to use it)and close audiobus again.The latency will stay at 512.cubasis alone (if you start it first)automatically set the latency to 256 which can create some (too much)stress on an iPad 2.Also,you can use something like"cMemory"to clear Ram.Unnecessary to mention that you should close all other apps,shutdown bluetooth and wifi and restart your device before you start to get the best performance.

Thank you for your help so far. :slight_smile:

I already knew the tricks from the last sentence, although I forgot to shut my wifi off when testing the audiobus trick this morning. :astonished: With audiobus forcing latencies to 512 samples, Cubasis seems to be alright. However, I still get skips. I noticed the skips happen (when they happen) right on the first beat of a bar. They don’t seem to happen at random spots but are rather “timed” skips, suggesting this may not be a latency issue but rather one on how Cubasis handles audio “clips” that don’t start at the beginning (i.e. I make a drumloop in another app, such as iElectribe, and I made sure I placed a bar of silence at the beginning of the recording, and when I place the loop, I split the wav at its second bar to remove the silence). The reason I make my custom loops like that is when I tried recording without the bar in front, sometimes the beginning transients of the first hit on beat one, bar one, wouldn’t be there, as if the app did a slight fade in to avoid clicks in thr resulting recording.

…i know what you mean now with"skips at the beginning of the bar".I also had it a couple of times and i think it’s a bug as i’m on ipad 4 and this was on real small projects without audiobus or a lot of fx involved.I have no solution for it,hope they find/can fix it.

Thank goodness it isn’t just me. I’m surprised it’s happening to you since an iPad 4 has a much improved processor. I know this skipping at the beginning of bars thing is the exact reason it crashed at 256 samples. It’s a bug alright, and I’d like Steinberg to fix it asap! Why? I love Cubasis, that’s why. It’s simply the best iPad DAW. I’m travelling to NY and cbf to lug a laptop. :laughing: I love Sampletank and Thor. Beatmaker has too many skips and stuck midi notes in its interapp audio AND audiobus. Auria has no MIDI notes whatsoever, and its VST plugs cost too much! Thanks for the help crabman.

Happy New Year everyone.

It turns out, the maintenance update from December 11th didn’t fix this issue. I’m hoping the latency crashing can be fixed for 1.8, because I like using more than three audio lanes at a time. :laughing: Thanks again.