Cubasis Korvpressor issues

Hello :slight_smile: Just bought Korvpressor and it’s really nice, but I encounter “track to death” issues. I can use Korvpressor on any channel and even for the final mix (multiple instances) but as soon as I save and close Cubasis,next time I open the track it’s loading up the instances, sometimes even does an error, but the worst is, that the whole Korvpressor setup is down the toilet! Megastutter and crackle-cripple to death, even if the cpu load is fair in range. If I delete all the Korvpressors it just returns to normal. Maybe this bug hasnt been fixed yet?

Edit: Creativity First | Steinberg

Hi JayZen,

Thanks for your message.

Using Audiobus and/or Inter-app audio to load other apps or effects with Cubasis can result in issues not caused by our Cubasis.

Below please find a listing of limitations including workarunds how to solve them.
Please note that both topics are fully covered in Cubasis’ in-app help also.


Limitations of Audio Units

  • The maximum number of Audio Units that can be loaded in a project depends on the device. Memory and CPU limits can be exceeded by loading only a few Audio Unit instruments, which can result in stuttering during playback, or errors when loading the plugin.
  • Loading a complex Audio Unit plugin can take some time, even on newer devices, because for the device it’s like loading a complete app inside Cubasis.
  • Sometimes, an Audio Unit plugin produces an error. Cubasis shows an error message in this case and recommends to reload the project or restart Cubasis. However, sometimes an Audio Unit plugin crashes, in which case Cubasis can also crash or get unresponsive. In this case, double click the home button, quit all audio apps and restart Cubasis.
  • Some Audio Unit plugins don’t support “state saving”, which means that the plugin’s parameters are reset to their default values every time the project is loaded.
  • Audio Unit plugin parameters cannot be automated. However, this feature is planned for a future Cubasis update.

Limitations of IAA

  • The maximum number of Inter-App Audio connections depends on the device. Connections are severed without notice by iOS in low memory situations.
  • Connection sometimes fails if the node app is already running due to a bug in iOS. As a rule of thumb, quit all audio apps, launch Cubasis and then connect Inter-App Audio nodes. Don’t launch node apps manually before launching Cubasis.
  • Connected node apps don’t always appear in the iOS multitask mode when you double tap the home button. This is an iOS issue which can lead to connections failing. As a workaround, launch the node app manually from the home screen, then doube tap the home button and swipe up to quit it.
  • Cubasis can only interact with node apps via Inter-App Audio; it cannot be selected as an input in another host app.
  • Inter-App Audio routing performs best with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. Other values might lead to crackling noise.
  • Even if an app is listed multiple times, only a single connection can be made to it at a time.