Cubasis LATEST RELEASE 3.4 ‘System’ readouts wildly inaccurate?

So it’s great that Cub3 has the 3.4 update and Ableton Link is now a feature - I know nothing about it, but was impressed by ‘Monsignor Dom’s’ demonstration (!) video. I am believing you can use another device as a driven synchronised instrument?

Anyway the issue immediately I looked at the ‘system resources’ meters, is they start at 80% when nothing is happening and go up from there, for the DSP. The CPU meter, sits down at 5% to 10%.

The song is like a template thing for me - it’s got 40 iOS/iPadOS Audio Units loaded inside, but all I was doing was tinkering with the built-in classical piano sounds. That, made me notice the ludicrous state of the DSP meter.

So I knocked off the setting for ‘multi-core’, and it seemed to be the case, with multi-core on, (iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen) the DSP did drop slightly lower, than with single-core set.

Now it used to be this particular song, with multi-core set to OFF ie single core only, hovered around 60% on idle, and went up from there - from memory. When it hit 100% it crackled, and marshmellow said make it be single core and that stops that. He was right.

But now in 3.4, despite hitting 100% (obviously - it starts at 83% or so just idling), bumping into 100% does NOT make crackling happen!

Conclusion - based on the tiny amount of info and knowledge I have - is that the DSP meter at least, is wrongly ‘calibrated’. IE it’s not idling at 83% at all, and it’s not smoothly hitting 100% and staying there, yet not uttering a single crackle. It’s much more believable, the real DSP level is about 60%, just like before Cub3 version 3.4 got installed by me two hours ago.

And the CPU not moving at all, that too, is exacerbated compared to before.

Ideas - other people noticing this?

Thanks, take care, and I will hit it a bit harder now I know it doesn’t crackle at a 100% read-out.
ian aka richard getts.

OK I did some further investigation…

Forget what I said earlier, that hitting 100% did not cause crackling - it does.

This crackling is quite bad, and I found I ‘setup’ the system to use MULTI-core. so back to what marshmellow said, put it back to single core. PROBLEM now happens: no sound gets emitted when tapping keys.

Hypothesis - this ‘template’ idea of mine in Cub3, with it ballooning to 40 tracks with various instruments a lot of them Audio Units, was borderline going to crash before this Cubasis update to 3.4 and now the update has happened, and maybe a third of these audio units have also been updated, or even I bought added synth sound patches, it’s finally gone over the threshold.

So I think I have simply got to the point of overload, regardless of having very little MIDI actually recorded in the tracks. No Audio Unit gets smaller I don’t think, as time goes on?

So, I will delete half the tracks/instruments, and see what happens.

But, it seems likely it is just very near the brink, with 40 tracks in Cubasis, for me, in this instance, with these AUV3’s in particular. Time for a new machine?! Fortunately, that’s exactly what’s going to happen very soon, irrespective of this, so I can test this out, a copy of this 40-track behemoth, when the new device lands in a few days.

CPU still does stay below 7%, seems extraordinary, it ought to be flat out, no?

My best, take care,
Ian/richard getts

I deleted 5 tracks, with their attendant instances of Audio Unit instruments. This Cub3 song, is down to 35 tracks and each one has an instrument, although there’s an occasional double-instance of eg Model 15 synth or something, if that makes any difference - I doubt it.

OK so now with Multi-core processing OFF, the Cubasis 3 vertical cursor line, fails to run properly - it won’t go forward, except the tiniest intial blip a 16th of a bar or something, and all the while, the DSP shows you guessed it - 100% .

No playing of the song, no MIDI sound, nothing is possible.

It’s jammed there, up at 100%, the DSP meter.

CPU still, down at 5 to 10%.

LESSONS for me:

With my iPad Pro 2 12.9”, 512Gb SSD with 70Gb free, and as we are told 4Gb of RAM, a 35-track song project in Cubasis 3.4 is fine - but 40 tracks/instruments is not fine.

Cubasis 3.4 NEEDS MULTI-CORE procesing enabled, and if it crackles it crackles, cos single-core sees the DSP meter jammed at 100% full-on, and nothing works, at least, not with a 35-track project.

Very little MIDI or recorded track material in this project, it’s the ‘baseline’ level of AU load-up it seems, causing the hardship - call it 8 tracks of light MIDI about 7 minutes long, and maybe 4 tracks of recorded audio 2 mins long apiece.

Ok that’s me out, these are my limits - til the new device arrives?

my best
ian/richard getts