Cubasis LayR and BeatHawk stutter issues

Hi there Steinberg, it’s been months now since I reported this issue and was told the team would look into it.
But still no fix or news.
It’s really said considering that it was all working until Cubasis 2.5 if my memory is right.
I used to love the combination of using BeatHawk as my drum machine in Cubasis but now it’s almost impossible.
The apps work good with all the other DAWs.
Please fix this
:cry: :cry: :cry: :neutral_face:

Hi John1289,

Thanks for your message.

Gave the issue a short check on the iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen (iOS 12.4), where things seem to work as expected, even having another Micrologue track added.

Here is a short clip for you to review:

Link will run out in a week from now.

Please let me have your feedback!

Best wishes,

Hi there Lars.Thanks for the answer.
It does play smoothly.
But it starts to stutter when you move Cubasis Mixer fades or add in notes while playing.
Here is a video I made in answer to yours with LayR and BeatHawk.
I contacted Livingmemory who could also produce the same thing in Cubasis and not with other DAWs.

Hi there team Cubasis, any news?

Hi John1289,

We will investigate the issue once more.
At this point I do not have further details, if it can be addressed in the next update.


Hi there Lars, thanks for the reply, I trust your team will find a solution soon or later.
Please also Remember to give a look at BeatHawk.
Thanks once again for Cubasis.