Cubasis LE 2.8.2 available

This supplemental update includes improvements and is recommended for all Cubasis LE users.

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Cubasis 2.8.2 Maintenance and Improvements

Some improvements and fixes might affect features of the full feature set in-app purchase only.

CB-4649 Freely transfer your Cubasis 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis 3.
CB-4653 Audiobus SDK 3.0.10
CB-4666 iOS 13: Solves a problem, where playing the internal keyboard with three or more fingers shows iOS 13 gestures.
CB-4671 iOS 13: Tapping the MIDI over Bluetooth setup buttons, no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-4651 Solves a problem where the redo history of audio events has been cleared.
CB-4660 Addresses an issue, where Audio Unit plug-ins load with a black empty screen.
CB-4657 Duplicating tracks now also contain customised chord button sets.
CB-4667 Solves a problem where changing the volume in the mixer and other edit actions could result in crackling when using AUs.
CB-4669 Addresses a problem, where the Spin FX buttons are too small in large iPads in non-HiRes mode.
CB-4672 DigiStix MIDI output no longer stops working, after unfreezing the track.
CB-4682 Solves a rare issue, where MIDI mixdown fails and does not match to the original MIDI event.

Dear all,

Please note that Cubasis 3 has been released today as well.

Cubasis 3 can be purchased as download through the App Store and is not available for free to existing customers of previous versions of Cubasis, priced at 49.99$/54.99€.

Cubasis 2 and its corresponding in-app purchases remain available in the App Store. The price for Cubasis 2 will be reduced to 23.99$/26.99€.

In addition, the price for the Full Feature Set In-App Purchase, included in Cubasis LE 2 will also be reduced to 14.99$/16.99€.
Please note that the Full Feature Set in-app purchase updates Cubasis LE with the Cubasis 2 features.
Cubasis LE 3 is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2020.


Cubasis 2.8.2 not on uk App Store,
Cubasis 3 ???

Can’t find any updates??

I have been a long and faithful user of Cubasis for over 4/5 years.
Now they bring out CUBASIS 3.

And I have to pay £50.00 gbp…
This is a Joke right???

Why should I pay twice for the same (more or less) app???
I have paid my money once, I will not be paying again…

Maybe a reduction for users of Cubasis 2, but not for us faithful users to pay more money…

Sorry but I will NOT be buying it again.

Facebook users of Cubasis are very angry, and confused as to why they should pay again…

This is totally not fair on existing users…

Where is 2.8.2???
Nothing in App Store???

I agree! Much too expensive for nothing really new. Maybe I will upgrade if the Price is 50%. :cry:

I know it’s a “New” app, but for me a dedicated faithful long standing Cubase (Atari st user) and a user of Cubase on pc, and now on iPad,
This is a kick in the teeth…

Thank you Steinberg
1, for trying to get me to pay money for something I already bought and paid my money for.
2, for your loyalty to existing users/customers.
Reduce it for existing users £19.99, full price for new customers

Hi Yamahasy85,

Since its introduction back in Dec 2012, Cubasis has seen more than thirty updates, with many new feature additions. All of these updates were free for existing customers.

Cubasis 3 was rewritten from scratch, adding a new iPhone version, as well as more than twenty new user-requested features. Cubasis 3 took the full team several years to make. It’s no simple update from previous version, but a complete new app instead. Apple does not offer sale options like a grace period or similar.

We hope for your understanding that we have to sell Cubasis for the full price, after offering 30+ free updates for our existing customers between 2012 and 2019!


Just to clarify:
But this still does NOT mean that one could transfer from Cubasis LE2 to Cubasis 3, does it?

Hi whitelight,

Please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis LE 3 information: