Cubasis LE 2.8 and Summer Sale [ENDED] available

Dear all,

We are proud to announce the immediate release of Cubasis LE 2.8.
Below please find all the information about what the new version has to offer.

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Cubasis Summer Sale (runs until July 3, 2019)
50% OFF on all available Cubasis LE in-app purchases

・Full Feature Set IAP 2 $14.99/16.99€ (Reg. $29.99/32.99€)
・Waves Plug-in Bundle IAP $9.99/10.99€ (Reg. $19.99/21.99€)
・Classic Machines IAP $2.99/3.99€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)
・Micrologue ARP IAP $1.99/2.29€ (Reg. $4.99/5.49€)
・FX Pack 1 IAP $2.99/3.99€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)
・FX Pack 2 IAP $2.99/3.99€ (Reg. $6.99/7.99€)

What’s new in Cubasis LE 2.8

Use the great new notepad feature to display lyrics within Cubasis and easily adjust them to your needs. You can also write down track-based information or any other notes you need. Just make your choice and Cubasis follows.

・Full grid lines support in Arrange Window
Benefit from an even better user experience and razor-sharp precision that makes use of full grid lines support in the Arrange Window, including newly added support for triplet and dotted notes.

・Full grid lines support in MIDI editor
Whether you are composing new MIDI parts in the MIDI editor or polishing existing tracks - grid lines support provides you with great new options to snap notes to the beat with total accuracy, speed and efficiency.

・Classic Machines Refill*
Be truly inspired when programming your beats with two beautiful, sought-after drum kits, each in two tasty variations and with a range of ready-to-go MIDI grooves, newly added to Classic Machines in-app purchase. As an existing user you can grab the Classic Machines update for free, or get more bang for your buck if you’re a newbie.

Cubasis 2.8 includes several user-requested improvements, which assure the best possible performance with the utmost stability.

New features in Cubasis full feature set IAP

・AudioShare support*
Tap the new AudioShare button to instantly import the audio files you want to use in your project or share audio files with the rest of the world. Cubasis makes it simple to keep your focus on what’s most important.

・Track Freeze refresh
Track Freeze quickly converts tracks (including their settings) into new audio tracks. In 2.8, easily normalize tracks on the go while freezing them, or set locators to limit track freeze to single events or dedicated regions.

*Classic Machines Refill requires Classic Machines IAP, AudioShare support requires the AudioShare app.

Cubasis LE 2.8 Maintenance and Improvements

Some improvements and fixes might affect features of the full feature set in-app purchase only.

CB-4615 Bluetooth A2DP support added.
CB-4632 Several podcaster project templates added to MediaBay.
CB-4633 Cubasis LE adds a new compressor effect plug-in.
CB-4504 Double tap on snap button allows to toggle the snap state between off and previous state.
CB-4635 Template “Create Project with MIDI and Audio Track” has been been updated.
CB-4587 Solves a rare problem, where double tapping on a Micrologue factory preset renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-4650 Loading a project than contains unknown Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-ins no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-4599 Solves a problem where certain parameters of some Audio Unit plug-ins could not be automated.
CB-4612 Solves a rare problem, where the project sample rate is switched to 16 kHz when connecting a dedicated bluetooth headphone model.
CB-4591 Solves a minor issue, where the project sample rate message appears, after connecting a hardware that supports the existing sample rate.
CB-4624 MIDI track naming is adopted correctly, after MIDI notes are recorded or drawn in the editor.
CB-4613 Solves a minor graphical issue, where a grey border appears around the Classic Machines (in-app purchase) user interface.