Cubasis LE 2 Special Launch Price

Special price for Cubasis 2 full feature set upgrade via in-app purchase, valid from September 22 to October 06, 2016: € () 14.99 (regular price: € () 29.99).

Special price for FX Pack 1 and FX Pack 2 (exclusively available through in-app purchase) valid until October 06, 2016: € () 3.99 (regular price: € () 6.99).

From cubasis le , I did the in-app upgrade to cubasis 2 ( €14,99) and the 2 Fx packs .
When i open the app it says cubasis le 1.9 .
According to the appstore i have cubasis le 2
When i try restore purchases it restores 3 purchases but ends with in-app purchase error ; please try again later.

the app behaves though as cubasis - unlimited audio/midi tracks etc.

maybe remove everything and download again ?

Hi wc2wc,

The App Store app on your iPad should show up with app version you’ve bought and allows to install updates once available via simple tap.

Please note that App Store purchases are exclusively handled by Apple.
If the problem persists please get in touch with them and keep us updated.

We hope the issue can be solved at your end quickly!

Best wishes,

I’ve had Cubasis LE (upgraded to LE2) on my iPad for a long time. I didn’t used it much do to its limitations. But it worked and my new interface (Zoom U24) works well with it.
This week, I noticed Cubasis 2 was on sale for half off ($24.99) at the Apple Store. So I opened my LE app and purchased the in-app-upgrade at the upgrade price of $14.99 instead of the $24.99.
Everything looked like Cubasis 2, but the icon and help screen both said I still had the LE version. Because you can’t call Sternberg (I guess customers aren’t worthy), I sent an email to them to confirm which version I had. After three days of emails back and forth, i was advised to call Apple, get a refund, delete my copy off my iPad, download LE2 again, and re-purchase the in-app-upgrade. Although I thought that was a bas idea, I did it.
Now, LE2 doesn’t recognize my Zoom U2 (Steinberg has a list of official interfaces they tested and you need to use one of them to unlock LE. The Zoom U24 was just released and is not on their list. It’s nice Steinberg has a list, but why do I have to have one of them? I’m sure there are many interface that will work even if Steinberg didn’t get to test them yet). I only have access to the demo section. And you can’t purchase the upgrade from the Demo. Didn’t I say this was a bad idea?
So after a week of frustration over a $14.99 app, I coughed up the $24.99 for what I know is Cubasis 2.
For those looking to upgrade from the in-app purchase. I’m 95% you’ll get Cubasis 2. But I can’t be 100%. Apparently, neither can Steinberg.
Cubasis 2 is a great product and is worth it even at the regular price of $49.99.
It would be nice for Steinberg to give this to me at the crossgrade price, but I won’t hold my breath.


Hi David,

Please note that a supported hardware device is required to unlock the feature set of Cubasis LE (unless unlocked Cubasis LE runs in demo mode).

The supported hardware devices to unlock Cubasis LE are listed on the Cubasis LE website:

If you have updated Cubasis LE to the full feature set of Cubasis via IAP, you should not encounter any limitations in using the app. Also the launch screen when starting the app should say “Cubasis” instead of “Cubasis LE”.
Due to Apple limitations the app icon and app name remain “as is”.