Cubasis LE 3 import project issue?

Good morning. I just downloaded Cubasis 3 LE for my iPad, and had been using Cubasis 2 LE, unlocked by my Allen & Heath ZEDi mixer. Cubasis 3 LE seems to have unlocked from demo just fine but I am unable to import any audio clips or projects, it asks me to upgrade to Cubasis 3. Cubasis 2 LE was able to import just fine, but the real issue is do I have any other way to open my Cubasis 3 LE projects into Cubasis 3 LE? It would suck if a formerly free feature is now a paid feature

Hi Daniel_Anderson,

Thanks for your message.

Normally, Cubasis LE 2 projects should import fine with Cubasis LE 3.
Please provide us with a detailed bug report (see our form below), to allow us taking a closer look at the problem.

Best wishes,

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