Cubasis LE 3 shows up as icon

I just purchased cubasis 3 I upgrading Cubasis LE 3. Now it shows LE instead of Cubasis 3? But The splash screen shows Cubasis 3.1.1

When I go to buy it from the App Store asked me to pay again. What should I do please?

Hi chikitin,

Thanks for your message.

Both Cubasis 3 and Cubasis LE 3 install next to each other. There is no option or possibility that one app affects the other.

Please clarify, did you install Cubasis LE 3 and purchased the Full Feature Set in-app purchase afterwards?

If so, the FFS IAP updates Cubasis LE 3 with all features of Cubasis, while the app icon and name remains unchanged (technical limitation).
However, the launch screen changes to Cubasis, and you will no longer see other LE related limitations.

Hope that helps.


Yes. I installed Cubasis LE 3 and purchased the Full Feature Set in-app purchase afterwards.

Now if I uninstall it should I reinstall the LE version or the full version. For the leather case asked me to pay $49.99.

Hi chikitin,

You’ve bought an in-app purchase for Cubasis Lem which is stored to your App Store account.
By downloading and installing this in-app purchase, Cubasis LE app version will be updated with the features of Cubasis.

When you re-install Cubasis LE, simply open the in-app store and tap the “Restore Purchases” button.

Hope that helps.