Cubasis LE 3


I previously used my Audio Interface Yamaha AG06 with an iPad and Cubasis LE 2, then I sold my iPad, bought a MacBook Air and an iPhone SE 2020.

So now I have Cubasis LE 3 on my iPhone, it’s shown as activated in my Steinberg account but the iPhone app still works in Demo mode only and request a bluetooth device: why is it so and what’s to be done please?


Hi @ElMarco,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please note that we’ve already released Cubasis LE 3 and Cubasis 3 quite a while ago (which comes bundled with the same devices of Cubasis LE 2).

Normally, Cubasis LE 3 can be unlocked from demo mode, via connecting a supported audio device, such as the Yamaha AG06.

Please follow Yamaha’s guide to properly connect your iOS device with the Yamaha AG06:

You might check with Yamaha, if the device supports to use the iPhone as well.

Please keep me updated!