Cubasis LE does not recognize my beyerdynamic FOX


I have an iPad Pro 11“ with USB type C connector. I wanted to activate my CubasisLE but Cubasis does not recognize the microphone as a Fox - even if it works well for recording.

The problem reaches further. I bought Cubasis for over 50€ in the App Store because I was frustratet that LE would not run. Now I see that upgrading from a working LE version just costs 20€ less, something around 30€. Now I am more frustrated because I spent 20€ more than I have should.

Please help me.

Hi mcmwf,

Thanks for your message.

Please let me have more details about the problem:

1 - Cubasis LE remains in demo mode and does not get unlocked, when you connect the beyerdynamic FOX over USB C?
2 - What iPad adapter do you use, to connect the FOX audio device with the iPad Pro 11"?

Regarding the Cubasis LE Full Feature Set in-app purchase:
We explicitely point out to this option in the Cubasis LE App Store description, on our Cubasis LE website and the Cubasis LE app itself (in the In-App Shop).

You might give it a try to get in touch with Apple, and ask them for a refund.

Please provide me with a feedback for the questions above, to allow us further evaluating the issue.


Hi, I used 3 different USB-A to USB-C adapters, none of them „triggers“ Cubasis LE to detect my FOX microphone. I tried to connect and disconnect the microphone. A friend of mine bought the FOX too, but he has an „old“ iPad Pro with Lightning connector. When he plugs the FOX in, Cubasis LE detects it instantly.

You point out explicitly in the AppStore under Cubasis 2 „Pro“ that people with supported microphones are getting a better price? Where? I cant find it at the despricptions neither in the LE site nor in the Pro AppStore site. It is hidden in the in-App-purchase-Dropdown-Menu.

The Problem is: if I return the App and I get my money back, still the FOX will not be detected by Cubasis LE. So I won‘t have any DAW I think…

Hi mcmwf,

I’ve exchanged with our friends from beyerdynamic, and asked for a testing device, to have a look at the issue.
Please follow the links in my previous post, to find the “Cubasis Full Feature Set In-App Purchase” mentioning on the Cubasis LE website and App Store description.



thanks for checking this issue.

The problem is, that I have to „return“ the App at Apples within the next days - the AppStore has a 14 day money back warranty. If I do so, I won‘t have a DAW on my iPad until you understand, verify and fix the problem with the USB-C detection of supported microphones. This could take months.

Isn‘t there a possibility of a giftcard or something - I would love to spend another 20€ (the difference between the special offer and the regular price for Cubasis 2 in the AppStore) on Plugins (like Wave Bundle or the Arp-Extension for your snyth) ?

Beatmaker 3 would be a valid alternative - but I tend to Cubasis as the DAW of my choice.


Hi Marco,

Please check your private message and let me have your feedback.