Cubasis LE on IPAD Pro with USB Mixer/Recorder?

Hello, I have recently bought a USB and Mixer audio Interface: Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX.
I have plugged my guitar and a drum machine into it to record tracks on the Ipad Pro thanks to Cubasis LE.
The ZEDi-10FX is connected to the IPAD with an apple Camera Connector.
When starting the record, I have a very low volume on the tracks. It seems that only the microphone of the Ipad is defined as Input Source instead of the ZEDi-10FX.
What do I need to do to have the ZEDi-10FX as input source? Thank you.

Hi IanSantiago,

Please have a look at our Cubasis LE tutorial to learn how to route the ZEDi-10FX to an audio track in Cubasis.
Please refer to the documentation of your audio device, to learn how to change the recording level of tracks.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,