Cubasis LE unlock procedure with Yamaha THR-II series devices

Hi all,

Please follow these steps, to unlock Cubasis LE2 with your Yamaha THR-II series device:

(1) Please launch Cubasis LE.
(2) Please connect your THR-II device to the iPad, using a USB cable and the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter*.

After a short moment the message “Cubasis LE Activated” should appear.

*If you own the latest iPad Pro model, please establish a connection between your THR-II device and the iPad via the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter or the USB-C to USB Adapter.

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hi, i have recently purchased a THR10ii Wireless. I’ve just tried the same procedure on an Android tablet with no success.
how can i get the same treatment please? or at least a discounted version of the full Cubasis

Hi @WasStoNed,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

As stated in the app description and on our website, Cubasis LE which comes bundled with various audio devices, is exclusively available for iOS only unfortunately.

On Android, we have a freely downloadable Cubasis LE 3 Trial version available, which allows to test drive the app with your Android devices for 30 minutes. The test period can be restarted as desired.

Hope that helps!

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