Cubasis LE2 (packed with UR22mkii) - delete old activation of 2017 and reactivate on iPad

After 3 years I wanted to activate Cubasis LE2 for my U’R22mkii ion my iPad Pro, but the system tells me it has been activated in 2017 already. This is true, but now (after 1,5 year abstinece) I wanted to use Cubasis LE2 on my iPad pro. I have all licenses and docments, but the Steinberg website tells me it has been activated already. Can we somehow shift the license to my iPad Pro? I can provide all documents.
I installed Cubasis but I cannot save or transfer recordings. :frowning_face:
Best regards… Karsten

Hi @poeschke,

Thanks for your message.

Registering Cubasis on the Steinberg website is unrelated to saving or transferring Cubasis projects.

In order to use Cubasis LE, the app requires to be unlocked via launching the app and connecting a supported device (such as the UR22mkII) to the iPad.

Did this work for you to unlock the app from demo mode?


Hi @LSlowak,
thanks for your response, but unfortunately this does not help. Following the procedure you described I Cubasis LE2 stays in the demo mode. My Cubasis LE2 bundled with UR22mkII had been activated already in 2017, but the tabled is not working anymore. I would like to use my license on my iPad Pro now but cannot get the license for Cubasis LE2 on this device because it has been used on the old tabled.
Can anybody remove the license from the old iPad Air that I can run the procedure on the iPad Pro to enable the full functionality on my iPad?

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Reactiating the license does not work trying the eLicenser tool.

“Der ausgewählte eLicenser kann nicht reaktiviert werden. Eine Reaktivierung ist nur für Soft-eLicenser möglich, auf denen reaktivierbare Lizenzen vorhanden sind. Bitte kontaktieren Sie den Support.”

Translation: “The selected eLicenser cannot be reactivated. A reactivation is only for Soft-eLicenser possible for whom reactivatable Licenses are availabe. Please contact the support.!”

Hi @poeschke,

Thanks for your message.
These are the steps to unlock Cubasis LE from demo mode:

(1) Download “Cubasis LE” from the App Store.
(2) Launch the app on your iPhone and/or iPad.
(3) Connect your supported audio device to the iPhone or iPad.
(4) Wait for the unlock message to appear.

Please let me know if this helps to resolve the problem.

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