Cubasis midi import from Cubase 10.0.15?

After exporting Midifiles from a project in Cubase 10 and then opening the exported file with the import function in Cubasis some tracks get mixed together in 2 of the tracks in Cubasis. In the Cubase project i have 7 midi tracks that when opened in cubasis are 5 tracks. 2 track have been mixed in 2 of the 5 tracks.

It’s probably me doing something wrong. I have tried different export options in Cubase in the Export Option dialog but it doesn’t make any difference.

Could need some help here…

Hi AlexanderMason,

Please make sure to export individual MIDI files.

Normally, this should be the case, when “Export as Type 0” is unmarked in Cubase/Nuendo:

Hope that helps.