Cubasis midi to control 2 AXE FX simultaneously

I’ve already got Cubasis installed in my iPad air 2 and a audio interface with midi i/o. What I want to do when my band’s on stage are

  1. Change program of 2 AXE FX in the different parts of the song (ex:control AXE FX 1 at verse, control AXE FX at chorus)
  2. Play multiple loop tracks

To do so, I figured I Should get a MIDI Solutions Thru ( to get an extra midi out, connect my iPad to the interface and connect the midi out of the interface to the input of the MIDI Solutions Thru. Then I should create 2 midi tracks, set both tracks’ midi thru to the interface, set midi out of the first track to Thru 1 of MIDI Solutions Thru and midi out of the second track to Thru2.

Is the above assumptions correct? or is there any other alternatives?

Thanks guys!!!