CUBASIS midi to control BIAS FX?

Trying to get CUBASIS to send midi signal to automatically change a patch and/or a controller change on BIAS FX within CUBASIS. I can use my midi foot pedal but wondering how (if?) I can do it thru CUBASIS to send midi instead of tap dancing on the midi foot pedal. I play guitar/sing and use backing tracks for bass, drums, etc. (Band in a Box software). If I can get CUBASIS to send midi change to BIAS FX I can then use my midi foot pedal to control my quanti-loop app. Thanks for your help!!

Hi Bluesrip,

Cubasis includes MIDI CC support.

Please have a look at the Key Editor chapter (Help/Editors/Key Editor) in the Cubasis in-app help to learn what parameters are supported and how to use them.