cubasis minisampler

now that cubasis has minisampler, it would be a
great thing, if the minisampler could support
multi key mapping sampling, like halion 4-5.
Allso, i dont know if this new minisampler can
do “crossfade looping”, like halion, even
split samplet sound into small chunk, etc.
Importing preset / sampled sound from halion 5,
would be a fantastic thing!.

i do myself use halion 5 alot.


Thanks for your message.
We have several topics on our list to be discussed/evaluated for a later update.


thank you for the answer.

I was thinking about the ios app “Beat maker”
from Intua, they have been doing great things,
like multi key sampling with multi layer, crossfade
looping etc, only the sound that this app contain is
awfull, but you can allways sample you own multi
sampling indtrument.
I think beatmaker, is the only ios app that has
this kind of features on apstore.
I hope the minisampler in cubasis will have this kind
feature in near future.
that could be really awsome!.