Cubasis Mixdown Directly to Music Library

This may be my lack of knowledge as a newish iOS user but I would like to take a mixdown and put it directly into the Music player. I use an app called “One Track” for playing backing tracks on stage. It’s nice and simple and has easy large buttons for stage use. It pulls songs from the music library so I was hoping to avoid having to share to iCloud or Dropbox and then import it into iTunes on my PC for cases where I don’t need to do anything in Cubase.


Hi andydnr,

Please make sure to use Cubasis’ share function, to open mixdowns in other apps directly.


  • Go to Media/Midown
  • Select a file you want to share / open with another app
  • Choose “Share” and tap “Open with”
  • Select an app at your wish to open the mixdown file with

Hope that helps.


Hi, I have prettty much the same question as andydnr. I’m using version 2.2 and as far as I can tell, there is no “open with” command in this version. I’ve tried using AudioCopy, but it doesn’t seem to work with the iOS music library?

Most thankful for advice!

Hi dizzyduck,

The “Share” popup in Cubasis has been updated with a previous version update.

Once the “Share” popup is opened, please tap the “More” button and choose one of the available options (Import via 3rd party app, Save to Dropbox, Add to iCloud Drive, Share with AirDrop etc.) to share the desired file.


  • Go to Media/Mixdown
  • Select a file to be shared/opened with another app
  • Tap “Share” button
  • Tap “More” button in “Share” popup
  • Choose your desired option (a third party app, Save to Dropbox etc.)

Hope that helps.


I believe the poster wants to share the mixdown file to the Music app/iTunes library, which I don’t believe is possible w/out connecting to a Mac/PC and using iTunes File Sharing, and even then may require another iOS app to make the rendered audio available within iTunes. There are several ways to get the rendered audio out of Cubasis and into an iTunes library, but none I know of that don’t ultimately require a Mac/PC and iTunes desktop.

I have 30 short (1 min) mixdown-files (m4a) in my cubasis 2 for ipad, which i want to to move completely into my itunes library (windows10). is there a fast way, or do i have to do it file per file. hard work…thanks for help! thomas

Hi rabenschlag1,

Yes, there is a super quick and easy way to do…

iTunes File Sharing is the quickest and easiest way to transfer files and folders between Cubasis and your computer (in both directions).
Please have a look at the MediaBay chapter in the Cubasis in-app help to learn how to make use of the feature.