Cubasis, MOXF and USB microphone

I have my MOXF8 connected to an iPad Air2 running Cubasis using the Apple Camera Connection Kit.
This works beautifully for both MIDI and audio.

Now I would like to extend my setup with a microphone. Although the MOXF can serve as audio interface, I’d prefer a USB microphone, so I could use it directly with my iPad when travelling.
Does anybody know if I can connect both the MOXF and a USB mic to my iPad/Cubasis using a USB hub?

A combined audio/USB mic might be an alternative. Are there any such microphone apart from the Yeti Pro?


Check out the Line6 Sonicport VX - built in mics.

Line6’ Sonicport VX is a good recommendation here. Furthermore the device has been tested and works with Cubasis.