Cubasis no direct audio in

I have updated Cubasis and my iPad Air 2 to the latest app update and iOS releases and now I can’t get an audio in signal. I am using a UR22mk 2 and it worked fine before. All IAA work through cubasis and give an audio signal, as does audio play back, but trying to record from the iPad mic or a Sm58 plugged into the UR22 registers no sound. If I record I also get a flat signal. I have been using it for 2 years and only had problems when the firmware needed updating. If I use bias fx via IAA with a guitar I get a signal but plugged direct I get nothing. Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?

Hi Harvey2378k,

When Cubasis is started for the first time, a pop up asks for the permission to use the microphone.
Please double check that the permission is given, in order to use Cubasis with external audio devices.

  • Please go to the iOS settings
  • Please go to Privacy -> Microphone

Please make sure that the Microphone option is enabled for Cubasis

Hope that helps to solve the problem.