Cubasis on Chromebook - Audio Input latency

This is not really a Cubasis only issue, but I’d like some advice. I am new-ish to the world of DAWs and audio interfaces, etc. I have my high-end Chromebook setup with Cubasis and a Scarlett 2i2 interface and I am playing my acoustic guitar into the audio interface which routes into Cubasis. All of this works fine but I want to listen to a track in Cubasis via headphones and play my guitar long with it. However, the 8 MS latency makes it hard to listen and play in time correctly. I hit the guitar string, which when plays in realtime over the air and 8 MS later thru the headphones. All the while the drum tracks playing from Cubasis are playing and I am trying to sync us with that. How do people play a track while listening to Cubasis properly?