Cubasis on demo iPads & iPad Pros in Apple Retail Stores


I’ve suggested this before of having Cubasis installed on the demo iPads and iPad Pros in Apple Retail Stores so users could try out different resolutions and make a purchase decision. I’ve checked recently in an Apple Store and found that Gadget is installed on demo iPads - so why not Cubasis?

Please work with Apple in having Cubasis installed on their demo iPads and iPad Pros (now that iPad supports Pro resolution). If Korg could do it, so could Steinberg!

Shekar Reddy

Also, the Cubasis demo app installed on the demo iPads in the Apple Retail Stores should display a friendly message encouraging the iPad buyers to check out the resolution-optimized Cubasis installed on other iPad sizes as well to help with their suitable iPad buying decision.

Any news on adding Cubasis on demo iPads in Apple retail stores?


Please see this:

You just have to work with Apple like AudioKit did. It would help you with more sales if Cubasis is installed on demo iPads.