Cubasis Playback Issues


I recently purchased iPad 4 but have experienced playback issues in Cubasis. When playing more than 3 audio tracks the sound distorts and chops in and out. The issue is so bad that the software is unusable.

Cubasis is pretty much the only software installed on the ipad so I am unsure what if anything is causing the issue.

I have seen similar posts within the forum but have not yet come across a recommended fix to the issue.

Can anyone shed any new light??

i canĀ“t help you. but i have also a ipad 4 and cubasis is playing well. only after maybe 10 lanes with audiobus open the gui will become a little bit slow.

maybe erease the app and a new intall will help?


Hi Jackson,

Can you please write down the exact steps you did to get the problems?

Hi Carlos,

The steps are as follows:
Issues arise when simultaneously playing 2 midi tracks to control Thor midi synth through audiobus and a couple of audio tracks. Any more layers than this and the playback becomes jumpy, more-so when a cubasis midi drum track is created it simply cannot playback for more than a second with out jumping.

Any thoughts would be welcomed