Cubasis problem with CCK and midi output

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a strange issue with cubasis and my midi keyboard (with CCK): When i play notes with my midi keyboard (oxygen 49) no notes are send to other app.

The notes are sent with the keyboard of cubasis only.

The strangest is that when i play notes with my midi keyboard, i see note on the internal keyboard, but nothing is send.

If i try with Microsonic sampler or micrologue everything work normally. It’s only with other app (IAA or audiobus 2).

When i record some notes with my midi keyboard and when i press play > the notes are sent to the app normally (every app, i tried with nlog, nave, ilectric…) but nothing is sent when i play in real time.

Ok sorry i’m french, it’s hard for me to explain, i made a little video to show you my problem if you don’t understand my bad english ^^

Everything was fine before…but i can’t say when that arrived…(audiobus2? cubasis 1.7.2?)

Thx for your help in advance, cubasis is useless like this.

Here my problem in a little video : Dropbox - Error


It looks like you are trying to send on MIDI Channel 5. The problem is, with an external MIDI controller, Cubasis will NOT send on the channel you’ve chosen - it will only echo the channel of your MIDI controller (which is probably channel 1). The internal Cubasis keyboard WILL do what you expect. See my thread here:

Try changing the channel of your hardware MIDI controller to 5, and if it works, that’s the problem. Yes, it’s deeply frustrating!

You’re right :slight_smile: thanks for reply