Cubasis problema

Hi. Can you help me with my problem using Cubasis? I have an iPhone 12 and interface UR44C. Do I need an adapter to conect it to the interface? I connected with the original cable usb-c which came in with the phone and it doesn’t work. Still appearing demo mode.

Hi @Jason_Reyes,

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Please have a look at the UR44C manual and check out the Connection Example on page 27, to learn how to connect ad use the UR44C with an iOS device.

Does this help to resolve the problem?


Hi. Good day. Not it wasn’t helpful sorry.
The question is about an adapter. Do I need it or not. I have a iPhone 12 with usb-c cable.
Thank you to try to help me with this.

Hello Jason_Reyes.

Please follow the instructions from the UR44C startup guide.

page 15

Preparation before using with an iOS device.
The following preparations are required before you can use the device with an iOS device.

Apple accessories
These may be necessary for connecting the device to an iOS device.
• iOS devices equipped with Type-C port
USB-C charge cable in the Apple product box.
• iOS devices not equipped with Type-C port
Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (optional) or Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter (optional).

So in your case you will need a Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter to use your iPhone 12 with the UR44C.

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