Cubasis Project Importer 1.1 available now!

Dear Cubasis users,

Here is the content of the update:

New Features
Supports new Cubasis 1.3 effects (Brickwall Limiter, StudioEQ).

Solved problems
CIMP-10 Send effects are now inserted correctly in Cubase 7.0.1/Nuendo 6.0.2.
CIMP-11 Importing Cubasis projects with Nuendo no longer result in UI mismatch.
CIMP-14 Track and event colors will now be properly imported with Cubase 7 and Nuendo 6.
CIMP-13 Insert effects are now inserted correctly in Cubase 6 Elements/AI/LE.
CIMP-18 Importing Cubasis projects no longer renders Cubase unreliable if the HALion Sonic SE content has not been installed properly.

Download Mac OS X:

Download Windows:

The stability problems after importing a Cubasis file into Cubase 7.0.3 seem to still exist.


yes, the problem still exists. Please refer to this thread ([R-7469] SOLVED: Cubasis import fails in Cubase 7.0.3 - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums) for information about a workaround and updates.

Kind regards,

What’s funny is that there have been occasions where it is MY lack of comprehension that initializes failure on this end. I’d honestly thought I was still not getting it right. Looking forward to the update next week