Cubasis Project Importer 3.0 Pre-Release available

Hi all,

Please note that the Cubasis Project Importer 3.0 Re-Release update is available for immediate download at:

The Cubasis Project Importer 3 for macOS and Windows allows you to import projects from Cubasis 2 and Cubasis 3 into Cubase.

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Hi all,

Please note that we’ve just released a short tutorial about the Cubasis Project Importer 3.0:

Cubasis Project Importer 3.0 Tutorial | This is What You Can Do with Cubasis 3

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Thanks to cubasis project importer3.
But even with this, cubase3 cannot read cubasis3 cbp file. File errors no longer occur when reading, but cubase does not display anything when reading. What is the cause?

Hi kkk,

Thank you for your message.

Please let me have more information:

  • what Cubase version do you use, OS etc.?
  • are you able to share the Cubasis project with us?

Thank you!


I uploaded a short Cubasis 3 project to Dropbox from the App.

I downloaded the zip project from Dropbox to my PC and unzipped it.

From Cubase Pro 10.5 (latest version), I imported the CBP file.

Nothing happens! The screen ‘hangs’ for a few moments whilst it attempts the import. But nothing gets imported.

I’m on latest windows build.

Hi Wodehouse,

If possible, please upload the project via Dropbox and let me have the download link via private message, to allow us trying to reproduce the problem.


Hi Lars,

Just sent you the Drobox link.


If anyone else wants to try it, in case I’m doing something wrong - here is the Dropbox link.


Unfortunately the project cannot be sent for commercial use.
cubase10 pro
The cbp file contains vocal and guitar recording tracks.

Hi kkk,

Be assured that we will only use the project to evaluate the issue.

If you agree to this, please upload the file via DropBox and let me have the download link via private message.


I get this exact same behavior. My system specs below.

Hi @wodehouse, @kkk & @Arijalmari,

Please check if deleting the inverted comma both in the project name and project-related files, resolve the issue (e.g. Don’t Say That Tonight → Dont Say That Tonight).

Please let me have your feedback.


Thank you. solved. In my case it seemed that the project name was not English. It was confirmed that track names were not imported unless they were in English. Cubasis2 importer had no problem except English.

Glad to read this, thanks for the immediate feedback!


Yes - removing the apostrophe from the song title has cured the problem. I can now import correctly - albeit, it does seem slow - but that’s no problem.

Thank you.

My project name has no apostrophes to remove.

Some of the track names do have parentheses, Cubasis creates them automatically for multiple takes on one track. There’s a dash on one of the part names… Nothing get’s imported. The import just creates an empty Audio folder inside the intended project folder, which also remains empty.

What to try next?

Hi Arijalmari,

Thank you for your message.
The issue is already in evaluation, and we expect to have a solution very soon.

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I tested the project importer by importing a Cubasis 2.8.3 project to Cubase Pro 10. I wanted to check if the Waves plugins transfer over with their settings like previously. (The reason for testing with a Cubasis 2 vs 3 project was that in Cubasis 3, currently Waves plugins in my experience do not save their state correctly. Maybe the coming update fixes this?)

Anyway, in Cubase Pro 10, the transfer was otherwise smooth but the Waves plugins did not transfer over at all. Are you aware of this @LSlowak?

Cheers, Kim.

Can it be sooner than very soon?

I know, not even a full month has passed, but another weekend goes by while my projects rot away on the iPad (which I got specifically to run Cubasis 3) waiting for the final mix…

can I use the project importer to import in cubase 10 elements?
Can i install cubase element on a desktop pc and laptop or do i need an usb dongle?