Cubasis Project Importer for Cubase


To open your Cubasis projects in Cubase you need to install the Cubasis project importer extension.
Follow this link to get the installation files:

Does the importer work with Nuendo 5 on OS X?

Hi Markisha2,

We don’t officially support Nuendo at the moment.

What a shame.

Hi Markisha2,

We just did some short tests and the Cubasis Project Importer does work in Nuendo 5.5. However, we don’t officially support it yet.


can i also create files on cubase and transfer them to the cubasis app? this makes sense, because i wan’t to use the app for smal harware midi live gigs. so you can create some midifiles on cubase and use them on your ipad in a live situation.

Hi Citricacid,

Only as separate wave and midi files, not as a project file.

that fits exsactly my needs. standard midifile import … cool i think i will by this app.

I have Cubase 4 and Windows XP.
The importer installation broke up.
What can I do ?

And it is support for your flagship aka Nuendo 6 on the list?



Hey guys!

  1. And how would this work? Copy the files from PC (Windows 7, Cubase Studio 5) to cubasis (ipad) via itunes? And does it also work with vst-instrument-tracks?

  2. Does this also work the other way round? The idea would be to transfer cubase-tracks to cubasis, record additional audio-tracks, and transport these new wave-files back to cubase to integrate them in the original cubase-project (again: via itunes?).

To be able to transfer files between cubase studio 5 and cubasis would be crutial for me and therefore has a huge influence on the decision wether to buy cubasis or not.

So thanks for any helpful comments…


you cannot copy complete Cubase projects to Cubasis at the moment.

However, you can copy MIDI-files and Audio files (.wav, .mp3, .m4a, .ogg) between Cubase and Cubasis as you wish using iTunes or the WiFi-Server. Since Cubasis does not support VST, I would recommend to export your VST-instrument track as a MIDI-track and choose a “best-match” instrument in Cubasis.

We released a Cubase plugin that facilitates the import of Cubasis files ( Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Cubase Studio 5.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,


I would expect that this is due to the fact that the Importer is neither compatible with Cubase 4 nor with Windows XP at the moment (see Sorry.

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I succesfully installed the importer on my Macbook, i set up a WIFI for the Macbook and the IPAD, and i when i open IMPORT > Cubasis Project in Cubase 6.5, a browserwindow opens, where i have to choose my Cubasis Project from,which i wanna import in Cubasis.
My Problem is: Where (in which folder) do i find the Cubasis Project, cause the only place i see it is my Internet Browser. Is there a folder to choose from?!?


Hello Pat,

with the risk of asking something obvious: Have you already transferred your projects from your iPad to your computer? If no, you can do so via iTunes File Sharing or using the WiFi-Server. Both techniques are explained in the MediaBay section of the in-app help.

Kind regards,

The project importer installationfiles do not work in XP. Is there a workaround or will there be an XP-compatible version?

Ah ha!
So it’s a work around to get midi into Cubasis to sit and work on with the iPad.
IT would be really nice if you expanaded this feature to make it more streamlined and well…official, support project exporting in Cubase.
Obvioulsy any audio tracks with VSTs would either have to be omitted or mixed down to individual audio files but being able to work on drum fills, grooves and string sections while in bed could complete the Cubase package.


I’ve just started using Cubasis and the first impression is great. The only problem is that I can’t get the projects I create to open i Cubase (7.0.2 or 6.5.4).

I’ve used dropbox to export the project but when I try to open i cubaseI get “Cannot read Cubasis project file. Reason: unknown format”

Any suggestions on what to do?



I’m experiencing same issue. Cubase Elements 7.0.4 with latest version of importer.

I am having a problem also with importing from Cubasis. I have installed the Cubasis Project importer in my Cubase Elements 6 software, but no option to import cubasis files comes up under ‘import’. I have installed the latest importer that is supposed to work with win 10 which I am using.

Any ideas, please?


Later post: Actually, it is OK now. For some reason, although I had clicked on the installer for the Project importer and it seemed to do something (which I took to be loading it) it actually had not done it. After several times of trying, finally it did properly install and there were quite a few dialogue boxes that came up indicating it was installing. Not sure why it took so many tries. Anyway it is now working fine. I post this in case others have the same problem.