Cubasis Project Importer kills levels on some audio tracks

I have a Cubasis 2 project. All audio tracks. Everything is great. I share to DropBox and download to my PC and unzip. I installed Cubase Elements 9 (30 day trial) and then the Cubasis Project Importer 2.0. I open Cubase and then File/Import/Cubasis Project and pick my project. The importer says it is successful. But many tracks have no wave form anymore and some with multiple clips have levels on only some clips. Attached are before and after clips. I only used Cubasis effects and even removed them and still have the same result. I was hoping to use my Cubasis to record and Cubase to mix. Some help would be nice. Thanks!

After digging deeper into this I can see what is happening and how to work around it. Many of my tracks have clips that I resized in Cubasis, most of the time to get rid of empty space at the beginning or end of the clip. I resized them only by tapping them in the track and sliding it to the size I wanted. Then I would copy this and paste it again either in the same track or another track. These clips were the ones not converting to Cubase with any level as shown in my uploads. In Cubase I double clicked some of the problem clips and saw that the clip was shown with negative numbers for the length with a huge negative offset. I assumed the project converter may not be reading correctly where it should be playing in my clip. I’m not sure if this behavior is by design, but I did a test and took all my resized clips in Cubasis before exporting and double tapped them and used the TRIM function to get rid of the part of the clip I didn’t need. This made the clips fit perfectly where I wanted without any resize “leftover”. After I did this I exported again and used the project importer to import to Cubase and everything was good. All my levels are the same as in Cubasis. Just curious if this behavior is what is expected or should my resized untrimmed clips be able to be converted? Some I resize to different sizes and now I have to make separate clips for those. No big deal, just curious.

Hi mucazzi,

Thank you for your message.

Please make sure to post future messages in the Cubasis forum to make sure we’re able to see it and reply to it accordingly (have moved this topic).

If possible, please upload your Cubasis project via DropBox or similar and provide me with the download link via private message. One received, we will be able to give your issue a repro at our end.

Also please make sure to add more details about the periphery (hardware, software versions etc.) you have in use

Thanks for your help!


Hi Mucazzi,

Confirmed, resized audiofiles in cubasis arranger are empty after import to cubase.

Workaround :

  • freeze all resized audiofiles before import to cubase
  • create mixdown from all resized audiofiles before import to cubase

it’s an Bug and we will fixed it in the next importer version.

thank you for your information.