Cubasis project importer refinements

Hello Lars and team,

I’m routinely transferring my iOS creations into Cubase 9.5 for further tweaking and mixing. The project importer is great!

Do you have plans to further refine this process? There could for example be an option to disable VSTs/VSTis from being assigned to tracks, because at the moment it seems, for VSTis, quite random especially when using using AUv3 instruments in Cubasis (Groove Agent and Retrologue usually are instantiated). Then I have to manually delete them from the project. Could it even be possible for Cubase to “attempt” to load the plugins used in the original Cubasis project, and when not finding them (except native and Waves plugins), give a “missing plugin [name]” note on the insert or plugin instrument slot? It would then be straightforward to load a desktop equivalent into that slot.


Hi kimeiroma,

Thanks for your message.

Where possible, equivalent instruments or effect plug-ins are loaded in Cubase, that matches best possible to those used in the Cubasis projects.
Normally it should not happen, that instruments are assigned in Cubase for tracks that were made with AUv3 instruments.


Thanks Lars,

It is not a huge problem, but maybe this (Cubase instantiating Groove Agent SE or Retrologue on AUv3 instrument tracks) can be addressed in a future update to the project importer. In the Cubasis project that I am referring to, there were no internal Cubasis instruments used, only a handful of AUv3’s, and frozen tracks of these.

BR, Kim

Hi Kim,

Please let me have a short bug report including reproducible steps, where instruments are assigned in Cubase, which have been assigned to AUv3 instruments in Cubasis. It is also fine to upload a Cubasis project via Dropbox or similar (please share the DL via private message in that case), that clearly shows the issue.

Once we’re able to reproduce the issue, there is a good chance to have it fixed in a future importer update.