Cubasis recorded audio at a slower speed than the input!

Hi there, this is a little strange. Ok, so to name names, I had DM1, Grain Science and iMini open and used AudioBus to assign these as inputs to Cubasis. No apparent problem there… but the funny thing is that while I was able to record a basically random performance into Cubasis, when I later played the recording back, IT WAS SLOW! I don’t mean jittery or broken playback, I mean the WAV speed… it was about 25% slower (and accordingly down pitched) than the performance or playback of the individual instruments! What could have caused this? The only thing I can think of, is that I have connected a class compliant USB Sound Card to the iPad which hooks into my sound system… so thats a plain 16-bit 44.1 KHz stereo output… unless somehow Cubasis was internally recording at 48KHz, and the resulting playback at 44.1 KHz from the sound card was pitched down… but the recording is still slow, even using the iPads built in speakers. Is this a bug? Thanks!

In my experience this is nearly always a sample rate issue. AFAICT, Cubasis is always recording at 44.1 since it converts things to 44.1 when you drag them from the Media Bay…can’t find anywhere to change this.

BTW, what causes something to play too slow is if it has a higher sample rate than the session…! So you probably recorded the file at 48kHz, but it is playing back in a 44.1 session. What I would do is double-click on the file to open it in the audio editor, hit “Save to Media” in the lower left hand corner, then find it in Media Bay and re-import it. If it knocks it down to 44.1 when you import it, that was the problem.

Interesting - I hadn’t thought about this since there is no ASIO/CoreAudio control panel anywhere…

Thanks for getting back to me meta- it is a strange one- the card (a Creative Labs Audigy 2 NX- can’t believe it works with the iPad!) is capable of 24-bit 96kHz recording with two channels, or the default setting, 16-bit 44.1kHz has up to 8 inputs. Your point about there being no ASIO/CoreAudio panel is a good one. That would be great for a birds eye view on what the configuration is. Still- I was using the sound card for audio only- all recording was from onboard output from the apps mentioned- there was no IO sample rate conversion, but I will definitely try the save media workaround, just to establish whats going on. Thanks :slight_smile: