Cubasis recording midi note poly-pressure from Animoog..

I have Animoog as an input, Cubasis as output.

I have Animoogs midi out set to Cubasis.

When I record the midi notes i play on Animoogs touch keys into Cubasis I cannot seem to get the touch keys to slide up and down to smoothly vary the poly-pressure.

I notice you can vary poly pressure by touching up and down the key but not by sliding which means you have to play the note several times to get the variance.

Has anyone attempted this and got it working ?

Edit: “I just tried the same settings with ‘Genome’ and got it to work fine! smooth poly pressure no problem! Also tried with ‘BM2’ and it is the exact same scenario as Cubasis does not function properly.”


the reason why it is not working is that Cubasis is not able to deal with the data that Animoog sends at the moment.

Kind regards,

Thankyou for the update Frieder.

Much appreciated.