Cubasis Recording: Punch In-Punch Out

I bought Cubasis IOS 2 days ago as I´m a long time Cubase user and wanted to have some complementary software on my iPad.
So far a very nice DAW stripped down to the most useful features. One thing I´m missing (or maybe I missed to activate it): How can I do a Punch In-Punch Out recording using the left Locator as a Punch in and the right locator as a Punch out. This would be very useful when recording in order not to have to press the record button again to exit recording and reduce the need to cut the recording afterwards. Any help her?
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these features are indeed not supported by the current version of Cubasis. However, it would be a very useful feature that is on our list.

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Thanks for the quick reply. It would be a very useful feature indeed (but you need features for updates anyway don´t you? :slight_smile: )

Another VERY useful feature would be the possibility to integrate more instruments either in form of in-app purchases or by being able to use one´s own (Halion)instruments. Preferable would be to have BOTH options :wink:

Nevertheless, Cubasis in it´s current form is quite nice and useful but there is always room for improvement.
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