Cubasis register killed my Cubases registered account

This has started when I’ve installed Cubase IC Pro. I have an account for my Cubase 7.5 created in the process of registration through e-Licenser. This account suggested me an username - the same I’m using now- and asked me for my email address. Later I bought Cubasis for iPad and the same email was used for registration inside the application. I always was able to access my account through Cubase Hub but today I got a strange message of a deadline period for Cubase IC Pro while opening the program. It seems several users got this problem too. Now I simply lost the eLicenser Cubase registration or cannot access the account created by it. In My Products session I can only see Cubasis. When I try to enter ne registration number from Usb eLicenser manually I receive the message that the activation code was registered by another user. Help me please! :open_mouth: