Cubasis Resets Sustain Pedal (CC64) on loop.(Bug or 'by design'?)

Hi @LSlowak and Cubasis Team!

Cubasis seems to send CC64 with value 0 every time a section loops?!

This makes it practically impossible to perform over a loop when using a sustain pedal…
Even worse, If CC64 mapped in a plug-in to automate other parameters those parameters will be set to ZERO on loop. This can’t be right can it?

I get it that this is could a a ‘protective measure’ to avoid hanging notes but at least make it optional.
After May 23rd my focus will be gradually shifting towards another DAW on iPadOS…


Hi @Samuel_Lindeman,

Thanks for your report which has been shared with the team. The issue is planned to be resolved with the next update.


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When is the next update ? :slight_smile:

Hi @mcmillan.jon,

In the making… but will take some time still…