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We try our best to make Cubasis better on a constant basis and with every update.

Browse this topic to learn more about available resources, and where to find and get further information about problems and how to quickly resolve them.

Getting started with Cubasis
Cubasis 3 Online Help
Cubasis Project Importer
Cubasis Known Issues
Cubasis Website
Cubasis LE Website
Problems With Audio Input - Important

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Cubasis 3 for iOS Performance Issues - Read This First

Cubasis 3 for Android Performance Issues - Read This First

Cubasis for Android - FAQ

How to transfer Cubasis 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis 3

How to transfer Cubasis LE 2 instrument and effect plug-in in-app purchases

How to sync in-app purchases between the iPad and iPhone

Limitations of Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus

Limitations of Audio Unit extensions

Limitations of Inter-App Audio

Limitations of Audiobus 3

Revised sample rate handling

Cubasis 3.2 - Multicore-rendering & Latency Settings

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