Cubasis - Sample Tank - Record and Play not possible

Hello Cubasis team,

I’m Stefan from Germany and I hope, you can solve my problem.

My connection: Ipad Air / Midi Keyboard / Camera Connection Kit / Audiobus / Sample Tank / Cubasis 1.8.3

Sample Tank in Audiobus Input - Cubasis Audiobus output.

Record and play is not possible with a midi keyboard, while using Audiobus connection. Some notes play, some not.

Midi Keyboard with Sample Tank alone works.

I thought, it´s a problem with Audiobus, but it works with garageband. There it´s no problem to play and record.

It´s only a problem with cubasis.

It´s only possible, to play with the screen keyboard Sample tank, but the extern midi keyboard plays only some notes in cubasis.

Can you solve this ? I hope.




The issue described seems similar to this topic:

We can reproduce the problem and are investigating.