Cubasis saving changes and closing projects

My first weekend with Cubasis on iPad . Trying to hold back on questions till I had more time but …

I’ve found out how to load a midi file , make changes to it and save it . I can’t believe the procedure which I list below.
Can someone tell me if there a better way than this.maybe I’m overdoing it and missing something

Firstly it seems you have to create a new project in order to close your existing open file ? Yes?

Secondly to open midi file and save any changes ,

  1. New project
  2. Open my midi file
  3. Mixdown/midi
  4. Make changes to midi file
  5. Create mix down again(new)
  6. Create new project to exit and save

I can’t believe this is the only way , you end up with
A. Your original midi file
B. A project name
C. Your original mixdown file
D. Your edited mixdown file
E. Yet another project name
And obviously I’ll want to go in and out of this file many times to make changes and save … So …

If there a better more correct procedure it would be greatly appreciated

Can i simplify this query

Can somebody tell me the shortest and simplest way to open a Midi file , edit it , save it , close it. reload it , edit and save it, close it … etc etc