Cubasis sends MIDI Program Change when it shouldn't

I run a live show off of Cubasis (playback of up to 8 WAV files on audio tracks, plus playback of DMX and video trigger notes on two separate MIDI tracks).

I recently discovered that Cubasis will send MIDI Program Change commands on those MIDI tracks, even though those tracks contain no such information.

This happens to be a serious issue for me because MIDI Program Changes will put my DMX lights into a bad state that can only be fixed by power-cycling them, and that’s obviously a no-go for a live show.

Luckily, I was able to work around this by inserting a hardware MIDI filter box between Cubasis and the MIDI-to-DMX converter box, and I just filter out all Program Change messages from that particular MIDI stream.

Still, shouldn’t have to have needed to do that, and it’s yet another piece of hardware in our setup that can get lost, can break, needs to get set up, etc.

Does anybody know what could be causing Cubasis to send those errant MIDI Program Change messages?

BTW, this happens randomly - I’ve encountered this multiple times while rehearsing, and during those rehearsals I simply play back those Cubasis projects, and my only interaction with Cubasis is slightly adjusting levels in the mixer page.

So, unfortunately, no, I don’t have a reproducible case, but I can guarantee you that this happens since I can see a DMX feature that only gets triggered by MIDI program changes getting triggered. And filtering out those program change messages fixed things, so it’s the culprit for sure.

Hi @Timo00

Please let us have the project, to allow our engineers to review it.
Please upload the file via Dropbox or similar and let me have the DL via private message.


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Unfortunately, I don’t remember which track ended up sending these program change messages that weren’t in the track, so I’m going to have to set some time aside to pull the MIDI filter box out of my setup to try to recreate the issue.

We have a show coming up in April that we’re deep in rehearsals for, and then I’ll be in Europe most of May, so it might be until June until I have time for this.

But I’d love to get to the bottom of this, so I’ll send you the file as instructed once I can make the time for it!

Hi @Timo00

Thanks for your reply.
Please get in touch with us again, once you find the time.


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