Cubasis stop/start via external midi device

Posted about this some time ago but the thread is now locked. Basically I want to know whether the 1.8 update allows cubasis to receive a midi cc from an external device so it starts/stops a song?

I use an app called Genome Midi that enables this- but it’s midi only, no audio.

Can anyone advise?

Hi Kubicixfactor,

At the moment we don’t support MMC, sorry.

Hi, thanks for clearing that one up and thanks for the 1.8 update :slight_smile:

Doesn’t need to be MMC - the Genome midi implementation just lets the user assign a CC to the start/stop button.

One thing the ipad is potentially great for is taking it on stage and using it to trigger sequences. It would be a really good feature for me.

Yes, please, would love to use my Blueboard to control Cubasis!