Cubasis stops playback of mixdown sometimes with background audio on

While playing back a mixdown with background audio turned on and iPad screen turned off, it stops playback sometimes in the middle abruptly with the play button still highlighted. It plays the mixdown fine for majority of the time but stops playback at times for no reason. As there is no rewind/continue button in Cubasis Media browser (just the Play button), I’m forced to re-play the whole mixdown again from the beginning :frowning:

Cubasis 2.6
iPad Air 2
iOS 12

Also noticed that when I unlock my Air 2, it is at Home screen instead of inside Cubasis that was left open when Air was locked before. However, playback of a mixdown stops even when Cubasis is still open at times.

Further, tapping on the numbered bar on the top (under the toolbars) stops playback of the project (started with the Play button in the toolbar) sometimes.

Hi powerobject.

Please provide us with a detailed bug report to allow us reproducing the issue.